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Our logo is a combination of the coat of arms and dynastic flag dating back to 1208 from Naxos and the shape of the Ferrari Logo combined with the blue white and blue lines that represents the flag of the dukes of the aegean sea ( Naxos & Santorini ). The letters “SF” for Simon Fragopoulos & Sabrina Fragopoulos.

This modern art coat of arms and company logo is symbolic for our history and the passion we share for selling Ferrari and offering consulting services to Ferrari VIP clients and collectors.

Here you see the original coat of arms and dynastic flag of the Fragopoulos Family dating back to 1208:

Fragopoulos coat of arms Source: Wikipedia

1st Reference about Constantine Fragopoulos sent by Alexios III, Byzantine emperor from 1195 to 1203, to the Black Sea at around 1200 during conflicts between Turkish and Byzantine merchants can be found in “The Crusades From the Prespective of Byzantium and the Muslim World”, page. 188.

Constantine Fragopoulos was one of the generals of Marco Sanudo that captured the greek islands Naxos, Paros and Santorini in the year 1204 for the Venetians.

After the victory Sanudo established the Duchy of the Archipelago and honored his best men with the title “Dukes of the Aegean Sea”.

The family was established with a title of nobility in the 15th century in Naxos and Zakynthos.
Members of the branch in Naxos (1628-1925) renounced the Greek Orthodox faith and converted to Roman Catholicism.

They possess a mansion in the citadel of Naxos, called Fragopoulos Tower and two tower-houses at Chalki and Melanes.

In the 18th & 19th c. they served for generations as consuls of Britain.


Flag: Duchy of the Archipelago Source: Wikipedia

Looking back at over 800 years of family history our passion is to provide a wide range of services, solutions and investmens for petrolheads and collectors worldwide.