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Investment Cars Part II – Ferrari 812 Superfast 2018

Investment Cars Part II – Ferrari 812 Superfast 2018




















You have seen the spy shots in the press and the new ‘F12M’ will be a true masterpiece, using some of the advanced tdf specification to make the “regular” #F12M more powerful, agile and outstanding.

The F12M will not be a limited production car with a 1 of XXX badge, but our second publication about Investment Cars will explain why it will be a very good investment.

The F12M will be the last naturally aspirated #V12 from Ferrari, that means no turbos or hybrid to affect its awesome V12 engine sound. This simple fact makes it both, a collectible and an investment car. It might not increase in value at once, like the fancy “TdF” or “GTO”s did when they were launched. That is why our advice for the F12M is a mid- to long-term investment.

It will be a limited car, like the TR512M, because of his very short production time.

Possibly debuting at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, the first units will hit the streets in late spring / early summer 2017. We are pretty sure, that 18 months later, before Christmas 2018, the very last of the N/A V12 engines will be put in one of the very last F12M.

Come 2019, not only downsizing of Ferrari production cars will continue, but all Ferraris will either have a turbocharger or a hybrid drive, or both.

A time will come when we will surely miss the screaming N/A V8 and V12 engines of Ferrari and by this time (or earlier) the value of a nicely spec’d and low mileage F12M will likely have doubled.

To make a long story short:

If you are a collector, or if you just have around 350k EUR left in the pocket for a good investment, buy a F12M, put some tailor made options on top, enjoy it for a few days in summer and make sure there is enough space in your garage, to keep it for a minimum of 5-10 years.

If you follow our advice, we would be very happy to sell your car for you after it has doubled its
Value. But cars like this are hard to let go 😉

We are happy to provide one of the first F12M units for you. Drop a line before it is gone.

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